Upholstery Cleaning

Our business Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist in Coleraine offer the best upholstery cleaning services on the North Coast of Northern Ireland.

Often our services are used by both domestic and commercial clients. Due to many years of experience, we know how to deal with the different requirements and needs of our customers.

If you noticed that your suite is not as fresh as it was, the colours are not as bright or maybe your pooch left its paw print on it then our upholstery cleaning services can help.

We will have your upholstery cleaned to help it look as good as new once more.

Here at Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist we know that all your belongings are important to you and we guarantee to take the best care with them.

You will discover that our cleaning service is not afraid of any challenge, and our staff are professional, polite and well mannered. Over the years we have become very successful and we further believe that both the quality of our service and a great eye for detail are the key to our success. We are always ready to go one step further to provide the best upholstery cleaning service. We all know that upholstery can lose its appearance over the years with help from staining, spillages and marks left by pets. Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist use a system of combining several cleaning techniques to remove marks and stains.

Benefits of using our cleaning services:

  • amazing results with a fast service
  • Helps make your home fresh and clean
  • Save money by refreshing your favourite suite, instead of buying new.
  • Getting rid of unwanted bugs and insects.
  • We offer a fast and reliable service, which we can fit in with your busy schedule!

We are very proud of our team of experienced professionals.

No matter the type of upholstery we are dealing with, we guarantee that we will use the best-known method available to us for getting it clean!

All our services are personally fitted to meet your needs.

When it comes to dealing with our clients we never adopt a ‘one size fits all policy’. What may work for one item of furniture is not necessarily going to be fine for another.

After you will get in touch with us our team will inspect your upholstery and then choose the best   cleaning process required, by combining many possible techniques in order to produce the best possible results. We treat each item carefully with lots of personal care.