Leather/Upholstery Cleaning Demo

£50.00 + VAT


Leather/Upholstery Cleaning Demonstration is a presentation of cleaning process/method and the final results. Cleaning Contractors NI use only the top of equipment and detergents which equals great results. A demonstration is provided on max 2 seating areas of furniture.

It’s highly recommended for our customers to buy your Leather/Upholstery Cleaning Demo before booking an appointment for one of our service for Upholstery or Leather Cleaning.

After you purchase this demonstration, we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time to demonstrate the quality and results gained by choosing Cleaning Contractors.

*The deposit of £50 + VAT will be deducted in full of a total price of service if a customer decided to proceed with an Leather/Upholstery cleaning service in all agreed furnitures.


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