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Complete Hard Floor Restoration in Coleraine & Northern Ireland

Trained, qualified & highly trusted throughout Northern Ireland

At Cleaning Contractors NI, we offer complete hard floor cleaning and restoration in Coleraine and surrounding areas throughout Northern Ireland.

This includes renovation, grinding, crystallisation and impregnation of stone surfaces. We're fully qualified and highly experienced cleaning marble, granite, terrazzo, stone and concrete floors using modern technologies. Services are provided in offices, commercial premises and institutions. We have professional equipment for cleaning hard floors of all kinds.

We provide hard floor cleaning services of various surfaces in your home using specialist machines and cleaning agents all safe for children, adults and pets. We carry out thorough cleaning, and then we protect the cleaned substrates with a protective coating that reduces the penetration of dirt, improves aesthetic values (shining effect) and prolongs the life of the floor. For delicate floors, for example, natural stone sensitive to chemicals, we use a steam machine to remove difficult dirt.

Polymerization or acrylation of floors allows for a significant extension of their lifespan and protecting them against damage and wear. Such a coating also has anti-slip properties increasing the safety of its users. Before applying a fresh polymer coating, we remove old layers. Polishing the floors gives them an extraordinary shine and leaves no doubt that they are perfectly clean. Removal of difficult dirt from large surfaces is performed by machine floor cleaning.

The floor cleaning and maintenance service include:

• Ceramic and Porcelain Floors
• Lime Stone
• Marble
• Slate Stone
• Travertine

The cleaning price is only a small percentage of the cost of making a new floor, so it is worth investing in professionally made security.

The high quality of the coatings we use guarantees a long-lasting effect. We also offer service packages that provide constant care after the coating, which guarantees a beautiful effect for a long time.

Cleaning Contractors NI are implemented in stages.

  • Stage one (preparation) - inspection of the stone floor (a type of stone, wear, a height of faults) and protection of walls and elements on the floor (furniture, doors, walls, everything that is within the range of the machine splash).
  • Stage two (grinding) - is the proper grinding of the floor with the use of higher and higher gradations of diamonds. Thanks to polishing, we give the floor a mirror shine.
  • Stage three (polishing and impregnation) - this is the final stage of work. We use diamond discs with a small gradation, which polish the floor to achieve the final, mirror gloss. Then apply impregnating layers, which create a hard, intensely shiny coating that protects the stone and facilitates subsequent maintenance. The coating protects the floor surfaces, preventing them from staining, penetration of moisture, salt, cement stains, etc.

Trusted Locally

Over the years, we have developed great relationships with other local businesses throughout Coleraine and Northern Ireland, and are trusted throughout the local communities.

Extensive Knowledge

Combining years of experience with deep insight into carpet cleaning, upholstery care and hard floor restoration, we're able to produce the best possible results, every time.

Quality Assurance

The technicians at Cleaning Contractors NI are committed to completing your project quickly and efficiently, ensuring you're completely satisfied with the results we produce.

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee to provide an honest & professional service, start and finish on an agreed time, treat your property with care, and offer a full follow up service should you need it.

hard floor cleaning and restoration coleraine northern ireland

Ceramic and Porcelain Floor Cleaning

Recently porcelain and ceramic floors have become very popular, as an alternative to wood, vinyl or carpeting. Porcelain can also resemble expensive stones like granite or marble. To protect it and preserve the 'new' look, its very important these floors are looked after properly. Otherwise, restoration could be a very expensive process. When it comes to porcelain and ceramic flooring in Northern Ireland, our methods achieve exceptional results.

Please contact Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist if your porcelain or ceramic floors at home or your business premises require restoration. With care and attention, we will bring your tiles to life. Our experts make your floor shine once again and by adding sealant to your floors, will preserve their great look for longer and protect them from everyday 'wear and tear'.

Grout cleaning is a part of our service. Many people think this a simple process. That is not always the case. Porcelain and ceramic flooring have uneven and pitted surfaces, which makes cleaning it very difficult. That is why specialist equipment and appropriate chemicals are needed.

They are used to get deep down into the grouting to remove dirt and discolouration.

Grout is then sealed to prevent future discolouration. This helps to achieve a fresh look and improve the appearance of your tiles.

When it comes to porcelain and ceramic floor cleaning, here at Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist, we are the experts. We have the knowledge and we are accessible.

Marble Cleaning

Through previous work, we have established methods that are perfect for marble cleaning. The results are exceptional in the only quarter of the time compared to other traditional methods. This will save you money and time. If you are in need of the professional cleaning services for your marble floors, then you have come to the right place. The team of experts as supplied by call Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist are the trustworthy, reputable floor care specialists whom you have been looking for.

We can guarantee quality management, workmanship and customer service.

We can help with your precious domestic home to the largest commercial premises. We have experts and dedicated craftsman that specialize in marble floor cleaning requirements in Northern Ireland. The restoration of the marble floor is something that we love to do- bring it back to its original form. We are good at what we do and stand out from our competitors. Your floor is your pride and joy at first, now needs a bit of tender, the love and care to restore it to its original looks. The looks of the marble floor are very magnificent for a long time but the time and feet help to slowly wear away. Marble can become scratched and dull over period of time, but we can change that.



To get the best results for the restoration of your floor is professional cleaning. It is very hard to get the marble floor to its original state especially when using commercial, off the shelf marble cleaning products. Opting out for the cleaning services and the results weren’t what you expected either?

If the need of the perfectly restored marble floor is what you need then call Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist. The marble floor is a building material for a long, long time it has been found that it is a specialist task. It takes the experience and correct expertise to do the right job with the correct tools.

The restoration of the floor is a state of art. We will get gird of the scratches and any defects we would find. Once finished we would seal the marble floor with the odour-free and impregnators. This would make the floor more durable and another staining. The floor would be back to its original state – if not better.

Lime Stone Cleaning

The methods used to cleaning limestone are tried and tested. With the only quarter of the time, the results are exceptional comparing to the traditional way restoration methods. We save your time and your money.

It is important to remember that if you want to keep your limestone in a perfect state it needs professional care. It has been known as the most beautiful types of the floor and it’s been used for many years as a building material.



Throughout the years' limestone became more affordable which means that a lot of homes and business have invested in limestone making people struggle with keeping up the floor clean and shiny. It has been known that limestone quickly dulls particularly in areas where is used the most.

To keep your stone up to the standards you will need services from people with special training and ability to deal with issues such as dullness, blemishes and scratches. Not only the knowledge is important but the right equipment.

What you need are correctly trained and dedicated craftsmen who will care about your floor and get the job done quickly and properly without problems.

Slate Floor Cleaning

Through tested methods, when comes to slate cleaning we are aware how to come about and deal with slate flooring and achieve exceptional results.

Like any other floor your slate floor will need extra attention and with the services of Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist come in to play. You will not find a better solution. We are knowledgeable, dedicated, a hard-working specialist with the experience in the domestic and commercial industry. We are proud to supply our services as we only employ, and invest in, the best people. We are able to turn dull slate into something that will take your breath away.



Grout cleaning is a part of our service. Many people think this a simple process. That is not always the case. Porcelain and ceramic flooring have uneven and pitted surfaces, which makes cleaning it very difficult. That is why specialist equipment and appropriate chemicals are needed.

They are used to get deep down into the grouting to remove dirt and discolouration.

Grout is then sealed to prevent future discolouration. This helps to achieve a fresh look and improve the appearance of your tiles.

When it comes to porcelain and ceramic floor cleaning, here at Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist, we are the experts. We have the knowledge and we are accessible.

Travertine Floor Cleaning

Travertine floors are a perfect choice for those who are looking for a natural look, with a touch of luxury. This beautiful flooring can be suited for kitchens with a rustic style and it also looks astonishing in modern corporate space with a minimalism look throughout.

Although as breathing travertine floors they are not without issues. Over time they suffer scratches, lose their sheen or blemish, and this might impact on a once perfect image of your home or commercial premises.

Within our company, we have developed a perfect method for Travertine Cleaning in Northern Ireland, to which we always deliver high standard results. Our original approach and methods for travertine flooring deal with blemishes, scratches and exterminate dullness. Revamping it to that perfect condition that your floors once had.

Travertine floor polishing is often taken for granted.



If you have ever attempted to polish travertine floors by yourself your likely to realize that the original lacquer, sheen and its amazing look is almost impossible to get back. They require specialist care and correct maintenance to preserve their grand look and high shine.

To have perfectly polished floors, a team of experts is essential.

We will bring your travertine floors back to life. Our secret to travertine effective polishing contains three elements – cleaning equipment, industrial grade materials and craftsmen who know their trade.

Our services go beyond a quick buff and polish. We are sealing your flooring with robust,  odour-free sealer’s and impregnators, that protect your floors from spills, dirt and many staining materials. Our travertine floor polishing services promise to deliver every time.

Our leading team of experts have experience and consistently deliver genuine expertise on travertine floor care. We have mastered a method for travertine restoration to complete the job in a fraction of the time, unlike the traditional methods. We save time – you save the money.

Stone Restoration

Do you remember how beautiful your stone floor was when was first installed it? With time it can start to look a little bit dull and colourless. Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist can help. We can restore your stone floor to look like new. Comparing to traditional stone restoration methods, our techniques achieved amazing result. Our service is fast and efficient which allows us to save time.

We save time – you save money!

A team of our experts will restore and seal your floor. Which will make it easier for you to help keep it clean, and your floor will look fresher for longer.

If you are not sure if you need our service or if the look of your floor could be better, then get in touch with us. We will come along and clean a small part of your floor for free so you can see the difference we can make! Our service doesn’t get any better than that.

When you notice that your stone floor doesn't look as good as new, this means different layers of dirt, stains and bacteria have built up. Cleaning it yourself is going to be very hard.



We have experience in cleaning limestone, slate or natural stone floors. In only a single visit we will restore even the most heavily soiled tiles.

Our team are trained to deal with all types of both natural and manufactured stone restoration and tile cleaning. Our experts are using techniques which will leave your floor looking cleaner than ever. We know exactly what it takes to recover your flooring and have it looking its best. After finishing restoration process we will seal your floor, this will keep it clean for longer.

We are open to both domestic and commercial clients! Our service can offer tile, grout, slate, limestone and marble floor cleaning and much more.

Maintaining and cleaning your stone ground surface is hard work, and unless you have time and the necessary tools, it's usually something that is best left to the experts.  We are the experts in everything we do, and we are proud of all results achieved thus far.


What the locals are saying...

Sebastian and his partner provided a very good and efficient cleaning service and my sofa was completely clean afterwards. Would definitely recommend and use again!
Niall McKeever
Niall McKeever
12:58 13 Aug 19
Just had travertine kitchen floor cleaned and re-sealed by Sebastian and his wife from Causeway Cleaning.They did a great job - and they are lovely people to work with - courteous, on time and efficient.Our floor looks as good as new. We would recommend Causeway cleaning to anyone.
John Keanie
John Keanie
21:18 31 Jul 19
This guy is amazing! His knowledge about what he is doing is amazing! Would recommend his service to everyone!10/10
Adam Domagała
Adam Domagała
20:08 29 Jul 19
I’m very happy that I chose Sebastian to clean my carpets, he responded promptly to all communication, called at the house to provide a free quotation, and completed the job in a professional manner. Stains were treated, and furniture moved around without fuss or damage. My carpets now have a new lease of life & the house is filled with a lovely aroma ! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sebastian’s service.
daisy mcd
daisy mcd
07:33 01 Jul 19
I highly recommend Sebastian and the team. Punctual, reliable and trustworthy - I'll be using them again
Una Mc geough
Una Mc geough
15:57 06 Jun 19
Sebastian and his team cleaned our terracotta kitchen floor tiles and we’re really happy with the result - it’s like having a new floor! Very impressed with the friendly and excellent service. I would highly recommend this company & we’ll be getting them back to do more work.
Kerry stanfield
Kerry stanfield
08:21 03 Apr 19
I highly recommend Cleaning Contractors NI! They just cleaned my carpets today and did a good job!Sebastian is lovely and funny too...the best combination for this kind of job!Well done! And thanks a lot! Me happy! And the carpets are happy too 😂
Oana Lucanto
Oana Lucanto
15:58 06 Mar 19
I am happy to recommend Sebastian and his team at Causeway Cleaning, as we have found their workmanship to be of a consistently high standard. He is punctual and reliable and is committed to maintaining high customer satisfaction. He is adaptable to accommodate specific requests for additional work, something which we much appreciate. He clearly takes pride in a job well done. He is a man of his word, and when he undertakes a job, one can rely on it being done properly. Having Sebastian work for you is an excellent choice.
Sarah Hull
Sarah Hull
11:35 06 Mar 19
Just had 2 rugs cleaned this morning and they now look like 2 brand new rugs. Very impressed with the friendly and excellent service. I would highly recommend this company. Very reasonable prices too.
Joan Gaston
Joan Gaston
12:15 25 Feb 19

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