Our commercial carpet cleaning services are provided in offices, commercial premises, institutions. We have professional specialised machines, cleaning agents and equipment designed for washing carpets of all kinds.
We select the right number of employees and equipment for each order to perform the service quickly, but effectively.

Cleaning Contractors NI work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also wash office flooring at night and weekends. We know these problems perfectly well and are able to solve them effectively by the professional washing of the floor covering. Regardless of the area, each carpeting is thoroughly vacuumed first, collecting hair, threads, sand and other insoluble dirt along the way. We know from our experience that the best results are achieved by mechanical cleaning.

After our cleaning, it takes about a few hours to make the surface dry. We have numerous references regarding the implementation of cleaning services for office flooring and many regular business clients. Our company has liability insurance in the scope of services provided.
We offer the opportunity to make a direct valuation by our employee and carry out a trial wash that will show you how good results we can get. We issue VAT invoices for our services. We offer attractive discounts for regular customers and for cleaning large areas.

Why is it worth to have us wash your carpet?

Machines used for washing carpets are dedicated equipment for use on large surfaces. Column vacuum cleaners, roller scrubbers and extractors with high working pressure are our key to an efficiently performed service.

During the service, we have about a dozen different detergents and stain removers. We will not be surprised by the stain of coffee, tea, mascara, toner, chewing gum, paint and other common dirt.

From the beginning, we have provided services to a large number of business customers. We had the opportunity to clean all types of office linings in companies, schools, kindergartens, restaurants and various types of state institutions.

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Contractors NI offers professional and reliable washing throughout. We have been
providing professional carpet cleaning service for many years.
It might seem that carpet washing does not require any specialist knowledge and anyone can do it. We agree in
one - everyone can do it, but not everyone can do it right.
Our years of experience have proven that the behaviour of a carpet or covering in a condition that does not reveal their age requires an approach to keeping them clean in a competent manner.
Our company guarantees the highest level and professionalism of cleaning services with the use of specialized
equipment, thanks to which you can be sure that your carpet or liner is clean, free from odours and discolouration.



Why is it worth using the services of our company?
Please, take a look at some of the facts why the professionals should take care of your carpet
• Washing carpets reduce the risk of allergies
Periodic carpet washing is a guarantee of the hygiene environment for you and your family - in particular if you have small children at these carpets. Dust mites and their droppings, which will fall in the fibres, may cause allergies and cause flammable states. Professional carpet washing should be carried out at least 3 times a year to reduce the development of allergens by 80%!
• Professional washing is different from home
Professional vacuum cleaners are susceptible to maintain the required care of carpet fibres or carpet structure - the difference of hand-washing is that we only rub dirt deeper, resulting in poorer soiling. The process of pulling the detergent is also of great importance, thanks to that we achieve better quality results, pleasant smell for longer.
• Cleaning carpets extend their service life
Regular, periodic washing of carpets and liners can extend their life by up to 30%. This is because the rotten carpets are lifted upwards and the textile structure is refreshed. Professional cleaning is considered to be less than the new purchase cost - even in a large store.

VALUATION - Before service, we present the cost of the service.
IDENTIFICATION - We check the type of carpet and colour stability.
STAIN REMOVE - We remove local dirt from difficult spots after food, juices, ink, nail polish, plasticine, chewing gum and many others
DISSOLVING DIRT - A special cleaning agent is applied to the carpet to dissolve dirt.
MECHANICAL SCRUBBING - We achieve a better effect of the dirt dissolving agent with mechanical cleaning.
EXTRACTION WASH - The carpet is rinsed under pressure with the suction of excess water. We do
not soak carpets during service in the apartment.

Nano Stain Protector

Guarantee a Stain-Free home for 12 months peace of mind.

We can protect your carpet with a state of the art nano protection treatment. This nano, polymer bond doesn’t affect the look or feel of your carpets but gives them hardy protection against all permanent staining.

Our water-based, specialist formula creates a barrier between any dirt or spilt items. Soiling will now vacuum up much easier, and your carpet will stay much cleaner for longer. Spillages simply blot up onto a paper towel or cloth leaving no trace.

Pet stains and spillages are much less likely to saturate your underlay if your carpet is protected, which if untreated can allow odours, harmful mould or bacteria to multiply over time.

Although we have the best stain removal solutions on the market, we cannot always fully guarantee the removal of a stain on unprotected carpets. We are so confident our treatment can protect your carpets that we have backed it up with a 12-month Guarantee.



All treatments come with our specialist stain removal solution, which will not affect any prior applied protection treatments, but shifts stains fast. If you can't remove it with the free spotter provided, no problem! We will come back out and re-clean the area free of charge within 12 months of application.

No matter how careful you are, accidents cant always be prevented. Protect your investment to ensure it has many years of life ahead.


  • Dirt will vacuum up much easier
  • Keeps your home looking Fresh
  • Increases the life of your carpets and upholstery
  • More cost effective than paying for professional cleaning
  • Child and Pet-Friendly

Odour Control

Common carpet odours that Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist can deal with:

  • Pet odour (i.e. hair)
  • Cigarettes
  • Dampness and water damage
  • Human ‘debris’
  • Cooking smells
  • Mildew and mould

Trapped dirt and debris in your carpet can produce an unpleasant smell. The longer it is left untreated the worse the smell.



Thanks to our own odour control treatment we can promise that your home or workplace will be a much nicer place to spend time in. We will increase your carpets lifetime and effectiveness. Also, our experts will remove germs, allergens and micro-organisms.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

If you are the proud owner of an oriental rug which recently suffered from staining, shrinking or colour damage, Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist in Coleraine will be happy to help! We offer the best professional Oriental rug cleaning service to both residential and commercial customers – even those with a large number of rugs.

There are so many ways your rug can be damaged and our team of experts will know how to deal with it. We will clean and restore your rug to its best look in no time at all!



Our experts offer a variety of cleaning techniques which are safe for children and pets.A fast and hassle-free service (we will collect and return your item). Cleaner rug free from bugs and insects. We can restore any type of rug.

Oriental rugs are very fragile and need to be treated with care and respect. When it comes to cleaning and restoration we are truly experts! We use only special techniques which make us the leaders in our field.

We are aware that your Oriental rug is very important to you so don't worry, we will look after it!

Stain Removal

The very first step before removing a stain is to identify if it's a stain or spot. The difference between them is- a 'spot’ is only temporary discolouration of your carpet which could be removed by using a mild solution. A 'stain' is where a chemical agent or damage changed the colour of the fibres in your carpet. To remove a 'stain' is a much longer process and requires the use of a special chemical treatment.

To successfully remove stains it is very important to:

  • Find the reason for the stain and how it was created.
  • know the temperature at which the stain was created.
  • know how absorbent the carpet is.
  • Know how old the stain is



Among the most difficult stains to remove are the most common ones. Tea and coffee, wine, juice. It's even more difficult to remove stains from highly-absorbent materials like cotton, wool.

Stains caused by hair dye, paint or glue are almost impossible to remove. They require rigorous cleaning methods. We are proud to report that we managed to remove such stains in the past, but unfortunately some stains are just not possible to be removed.